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What Is Spent Grain?

Spent grain, simply put, is the nutrient-rich product that remains after beer production. The grains are a great source of protein and fiber, aiding in digestion and providing essential amino acids, such as histidine and lysine, which are essential for a dog’s healthy muscle growth, repair, and energy levels.

When pairing spent grain with our high quality, human grade ingredients, you have little bites of nutritious, repurposed goodness. Not to mention, it is a very resourceful way to reuse materials – upcycling at its finest!

What We Create

Baked with love, in small batches, inside our Southwest Florida kitchen using spent grain from local breweries.

Treats are human-grade but made for dogs. No additives, fillers, or anything artificial goes into our product. Treats are dehydrated for preservation and longer shelf life.

The Menu
Hot Wings...$10
Hummus & Pita...$12
Egg Rolls...$14
Fresh Seafood Platter...$22
Chicken & Waffles...$20
BBQ Bacon Burger...$18
Cedar Plank Salmon...$28
Vegan Tagine...$25
Build-Your-Own Pizza...$18
Mediterranean Pasta...$24
Eggplant Parmesan...$22
Grandma's Mac & Cheese...$15
Seasonal Fruit Bowl...$10
Donut Trio...$15
Homemade Ice Cream...$8
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